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December 5, 2023

What is Micro SaaS? 21 Micro SaaS Ideas that are Easy to Start

SaaS products have grown in popularity and are giving people the opportunity to launch entire businesses based around a single product. SaaS products are getting easier and easier to make without having any coding or software development experience. Check out this article about profitable no code SaaS ideas and the tools that help create them.
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One of the most exciting parts about the growth of SaaS builders is what’s called Micro SaaS. Micro SaaS is the same as a SaaS product except it is hyper focused on one specific issue or one specific niche. They typically are not as complex and they are a lot easier to get started. 

Here are 21 micro SaaS ideas that are easy to start.

1. AI Meal Planner for Nutritionists

Nutritionists help their clients by guiding them with the proper meal plan. They help each client meet their goals and find success with their health and fitness. Here’s the challenge - they cannot just tell their clients how many calories, proteins and carbs. They also guide them with recipe after recipe. The client actually has to like the food. Coming up with new meals that are healthy and taste great is a challenge for everyone. Imagine having multiple clients and having to come up with new recipes all the time. 

By creating a micro SaaS product, you are solving a major pain point for nutritionists and saving them a lot of time. AI could generate the recipes for them and help streamline their services. They can then focus their time on getting new clients building their business. This could be a gamechanger for nutritionists who feel stuck and that they do not have time to scale their business.

2. Calendar Scheduler

One creative way to improve a calendar scheduler is to create a calendar micro SaaS product that targets a specific niche. One of the best calendar products out there is calendly. It provides a way for people to schedule appointments with you and organize a team. This is a broad application. The power of a niche is that you can design the calendar to fit the needs of the specific niche. 

You could create a calendar for sports facilities. This would give each group that is renting out space to choose the specific field/court that they want. There could be drop down menus with the specific locations listed. You could highly customize it just for the niche. They could also choose what sports equipment, scoreboard usage, and other amenities. This is a great example of how you can set yourself apart with a micro saas product. By choosing a niche, you are making yourself super appealing to one group of people.

3. Social Media Schedule for Niches

One of the biggest challenges for businesses and people to grow a social media following is that it is about consistency over time. All kinds of businesses have tried to launch their social media. They know they have a need for it. The problem is, many of them start to fade as time goes on. It becomes hard to come up with new posts. It can take a long time to find the right stock images or take them themselves. The need for social media has not gone away. However, the time and creative energy became too much. 

This is where your SaaS product transforms their social media. Imagine if a business owner could get into the app at the beginning of the month. All of the stock images and photo/video editing tools are right there in the app. They write out their captions in one place and drag and drop the posts to days on the calendar. Then, the app automatically sends the posts to each of the social media platforms. Within a couple hours, their social media is done for the month.


Integrate AI so that all they have to do is tell the app what they want the post to be about. Then, the AI component would write out a caption and they can edit as needed.

4. Email Marketing Templates

There is a huge need right now for email marketing. It is one of the best ways for businesses to connect with their customers and get a return on investment. A lot of business owners know what they want to say but they do not have the design skills to make it visually appealing. They are stuck with trying to make it look visually appealing while still getting their message across. 

Rather than hire a graphic designer, they could use your micro SaaS product and make their content look professional. There are a number of ways that you could set your pricing
  • Monthly Subscription: They could pay a monthly fee and get access to the library of templates plus new releases.
  • Set Cost: You could charge per the set of templates. You could package a set number of templates together and sell them for a one time cost.

  • Free and Paid: Your SaaS product could offer free templates to encourage people to try your product. Then, there would be a cost for the higher end templates. 

5. Missed Call Text Responder

This may seem simple, but it can make a huge difference for a business. Being able to connect with someone who is looking for the service you offer is a crucial part of successfully turning that lead into a paying customer. However, many business owners do not have the budget to hire someone at the front desk.

The SaaS product could connect with the lead and let them know that you will call them right back. GoHighLevel is a great example of a Saas product that does this. They offer all kinds of features. However, this is one of the most powerful features that they offer and it allows businesses to connect with each potential customer that reaches out to their number. They even integrate with Google My Business.

One of the ways to make your missed call text responder stand out is by customizing it towards a specific niche. You can have all of the wording and language set up for them so all they have to do is add their phone number and start capturing leads.

6. Real Estate Virtual Showing Tool

Real estate agents are always looking for a way to gain an edge and make a property more appealing. There are a ton of real estate agents trying to get sales. Not only that, they are trying to sell people on the idea of choosing a specific location to be at for years. A tool like this helps real estate agents close more deals.

More and more people are moving to new locations and working remotely. Over the last few years, many people have bought houses site unseen. This tool would create a way to make the buying process more personal and help families have a better understanding of what the home really looks like.

This is a perfect example of a micro saas product. It targets a niche and it solves a specific issue that people within that niche run into. You do not have to create a huge platform that has every home available listed on it. You do not have to create a complex algorithm for people to find certain homes. You only have to focus on connecting the potential buyers with their real estate agent through a video.

7. Comic Book Creator

You can create all kinds of SaaS products that are fun and geared towards entertainment. You could create a micro SaaS product that helps people design comic books. 

AI art can do incredible things. People could give the comic book creator prompts and it could illustrate the stories they are creating. They could then fill in the dialogue and storylines. 

A Comic Book Creator could add a social component that would make it a really unique SaaS product. You could provide the platform and templates. Then writers and illustrators could come together and make comic books together. You would not have to be talented at every aspect. You could leverage whichever part you wanted to do and find someone else to help fill in the gaps.

8. Wedding Shopping Price Comparison Tool

No one finishes a wedding and thinks, “That was a lot cheaper than I thought!” According to The Zola Team at, the average wedding cost in 2023 is $29,000. People are constantly comparing prices on different items and there are tons of choices to make. There are all kinds of decisions about what wedding dress, venue, invitations, meals and catering, and decorations.

You could help a lot of people while creating a profitable SaaS product by helping people have one place where they can compare the prices between the different companies and products. 

9. AI Social Media Copywriter

People are finding all kinds of ways to grow their social media and use it as a platform to sell different products. One of the biggest keys to doing this is posting content regularly. The problem, as mentioned earlier, is that this is time consuming and it can be hard to keep coming up with new content. 

You could become social media managers and influencers best friend. You could integrate an AI platform so that once they have their photo or video ready, the SaaS product would then write the caption based on a prompt. 

One of the best parts about this is that a lot of the development has already been done.There are AI integrations that can do a lot of the work. This would save you time as a SaaS creator and make the job a lot easier.

10. Email Signature Creator

This is a super simple idea to get started with SaaS products. You could create a simple tool that would create professional looking signatures for different email platforms.

One of the ways to make your email look more professional is by creating a signature that shows who you and your company is. People will add pictures, their name and credentials, and sometimes links to their website or social media.

There is an issue that people run into. It is not quick and simple to create these. Especially if people are not good at design and aesthetics. Not only that, it can be hard to figure out how to use the signature features through email settings.

You could create a simple tool where people could upload a photo, links, and any info that they want added in your micro SaaS tool would create it for them. It could resize the image and arrange it with the right colors and fonts.

11. Meme Creator

Memes have become a popular part of our culture. Everyone loves a well timed meme for the right situation. This would be a fun way to get started with SaaS products and one of the best parts is that people would understand the product right away.

There are all kinds of photo editor apps out. Canva is a great example of a tool that lets people edit and design without having to take a lot of time learning how to use a complicated product. You could make this super specific so it is made just for memes by add a library of images.

12. Property Management Communication Tool

Property management is a complex and demanding job. Communication is a critical part of a property manager's job. There are all kinds of ways to communicate. Property managers receive phone calls, emails, and even texts. The challenge is keeping track of all of these communications when there are a lot of tenants.

A SaaS product created specifically for property managers could solve a lot of the problems and stress that come along with this. You could create a platform that allows for communication between the tenant and property management as well as  maintenance requests with the maintenance team, rent reminders, receipts, and updated news that is sent out to all the residents.

13. Boutique Shop Inventory Manager

Helping Boutique Shop owners manage their inventory would be a huge benefit to store owners. One of the best ways to keep a budget on track is by effectively managing inventory. One of the best ways to make your product sellable is by saving the business owner money. 

One of the huge benefits to creating this SaaS product is that boutique managers are probably already using some type of software to track inventory. So, if you can provide enough value to them, they already know that they are going to benefit from your product. 

There are a number of feature that you could add to increase the value to boutique owners:
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Automated Restocking Alerts

  • Sales Trends

  • Profitability by each item

14. Team Engagement Tracker

One of the major issues that employers are currently facing is trying to keep employees with their companies. One of the terms that have come out of the last few years is the great resignation. This leads to instability in organizations and having to constantly try and find new talent.

One of the ways that employers can keep employees is by having a pulse on the job satisfaction that each employee has. You could create a way to help leaders understand the contentment in different areas of their organization.

You could measure employees views on:
  • Views on compensation
  • Work/Home life balance

  • Healthy and unhealthy cultures

  • If employees feel resourced

This could be a dashboard that employers see when they first open up their company's portal and give employees the opportunity to improve their work environment rather than leaving.

15. Pet Care Managers

People are willing to spend more and more money on their pets and it is not only when they have to take them to the vet. There are vaccines, appointments with groomers, and if certain types of dog food need to be ordered for health reasons.

One Micro SaaS idea is to create a single platform where a pet owner can access everything they need. There could be a calendar for appointments and automated reminders to reorder food. You could even create a messaging integration so that a vet could directly message them right through the app.

16. Parent Teacher Communication Platform

One micro SaaS product that could hugely benefit people is a communication platform between parents and teachers. Let’s be honest… As kids, most of us wanted to limit the communication between our parents and teachers. Whether it was bad grades or getting in trouble, it seemed like communication was the problem.

It all changes when someone has a kid themselves. Parents are busy and trying to do a million things. Teachers want parent involvement but it is not always easy to get ahold of them and communicate efficiently. One messaging app could help solve it. The great part is, the student is the one who benefits by getting more support from their educators and parents.

You could even add a feature that has progress tracking and additional ways for parents to be involved in the education process. Parents could keep track of what their kids are learning and start to build conversations and further support their kids.

17. Eco-Friendly Product Finder

Environmental awareness has grown a ton over the years. People are also getting more and more conscious of how chemicals and home products affect our health. The problem is, people are busy and do not want to spend a ton of time researching products. Anyone that looks at product descriptions quickly realizes they do not know what the 15 syllable ingredients actually are.

You could help solve this issue by creating a resource that helps people know where products rank based on health and environmental safety.

One of the big challenges to creating this SaaS product would be researching and getting a detailed understanding of different products but there are tons of resources out there to help. Not only that, There is a lot of pressure on companies to be transparent about their products so they are trying harder and harder to explain what is in their products.

18. Organization App for College Students

One of the hardest times to keep track of schedules and obligations is during college. Part of the issue is that there are a lot of totally different things pulling at their time from work, school, social life, sports, and family obligations. Not only that, many college students do not have the organization skills to keep track of everything.

A simple micro SaaS software could make life a ton easier for college students. The software could have features like a calendar reminder, school deadline reminders, automated messages when things need to get done, note taking functions, and a daily task list they can items to. Buying your app could be the most effective graduation present!

19. Job Applicant Screener

Online job boards like Indeed and Zip Recruiter have grown a ton in popularity. They are broad directories where employers can post jobs. This has also created the opportunity to open up jobs to people all across the country. This also means that certain employers are receiving a ton of resumes that they have to sort through.

A simple solution is an application screener. You could set it for certain words that the employer is looking for about work ethic, skills, or education and it could bring the right applications to the top of the list.

This is a great micro SaaS product because your are creating a product that is meeting one vertical of the job hiring process.

20. Virtual Tutoring for Niches

There is all kinds of software for connecting people remotely. You could capitalize on this by creating a tool that people are already used to using and applying it to a specific niche. You could connect experts in a subject to people who are looking to learn and charge a percentage of the hourly tutoring fee.

You could create a tutoring SaaS product for:
  • Music Lessons
  • Cooking Classes

  • Computer Coding

  • School Subjects

  • Health and Fitness Consulting

  • Speech Pathology

  • Art Classes

These could be set up as one-on-one sessions with the tutor. Or, you could turn it into a social event and have classes online where a group of people are learning to cook together. A lot of us got used to doing thing through zoom meetings and online communications and this makes it even easier for people to adopt a product like this.

21. Content Creator Dashboard

Many content creators are creating content across multiple platforms. They might make youtube videos, post to their Instagram and TikTok accounts, and run a podcast. These platforms are getting better and better at giving the creator analytics to help them understand what is working and what is not. However, they have to go between each platform to see them.

You could create a simple dashboard that integrates with each of the platforms and consolidates all of the main components that they need to know like watch/listen time, views, month by month growth, new subscribers, etc…

The great thing about this product is that the platforms already have the data. You would just be compiling it in one place and making it look great visually.

There are huge opportunities in creating Micro SaaS products. These 21 ideas are niche solutions that can have a major impact. Whether you are interested in content creation, graphic design, sports, cooking, teaching, etc… there are all kinds of opportunities to grow a business around what you are passionate about. Let one of these ideas be your starting point.

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This recognition highlights Mermex's commitment to delivering innovative and secure cloud storage solutions that empower businesses worldwide.