August 14, 2023

SaaS Logo Inspiration: 100 Logos To Inspire You

Looking for inspiration for your SaaS logo? This article is the only resource you will need for strategy and ideas.
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SaaS logos

Choosing the Right SaaS Logo

There are endless options when it comes to the design of your SaaS logo. This articles will gives you the different types of logos, why they work, and over 100+ examples you can steal for inspiration.

Icon SaaS Logo Examples

Many SaaS logos use some sort of icon to help identify them. An icon logo works great for apps and softwares because they can be used alone without the words and still be identified.

If you want an iconic SaaS logo, a unique icon is a must!
Pendo SaaS logo
Homely SaaS logo
Dropbox SaaS logo
Copper SaaS logo
Obsidian SaaS logo
Medium SaaS logo
Afterpay SaaS logo
Homie SaaS logo
Bench SaaS logo
Cedar SaaS logo
Square SaaS logo
Nutshell SaaS logo
Wise SaaS logo
Plaid SaaS logo
TripActions SaaS logo
Intercom SaaS logo
Outsystems SaaS logo
LaunchDarkly SaaS logo
Asana SaaS logo
Culture Amp SaaS logo
HubSpot SaaS logo
Loom SaaS logo
VTS SaaS logo
Basecamp SaaS logo
Hello Bonsai SaaS logo
Udemy SaaS logo
Tella SaaS logo

Mascot SaaS Logo Examples

As humans we use mascots to represent a lot of different things. Our schools and favorite sports teams to name a few.

We especially like using animals as our mascots. Did you know that most every animal has a a deep symbolism behind it? This is what makes using mascots in SaaS logos so effective.

Have a brand that represents freedom... use a bird! Strength... use a lion. Wisdom... use an owl. You can read a full article on the symbolism of animals in logos here. and get more info on how to implement animals into your logos here.
Percy SaaS logo
GitHub SaaS logo
Shippo SaaS logo
Docker SaaS logo
MailChimp SaaS logo
Sonder SaaS logo
Evernote SaaS logo
Twitter SaaS logo
Benchling SaaS logo
Samsara SaaS logo
Flutterwave SaaS logo
Kong SaaS logo
MessageBird SaaS logo
GitLab SaaS logo
ServiceTitan SaaS logo
Jasper SaaS logo

Letter SaaS Logo Examples

SaaS logos that cleverly incorporate their initial letter as the logo icon have a knack for making a memorable impression in a compact design. By transforming the initial letter into an eye-catching and symbolic element, these logos manage to capture the essence of the brand in a single stroke.

This minimalist approach not only adds a touch of elegance but also showcases creativity, as the choice of typography, color, and styling plays a pivotal role in conveying the company's identity and values.

This type of logo design is not just about condensing the name but crafting a visual representation that resonates with the audience, making it a powerful tool for SaaS companies to establish instant recognition and brand association.

Here are some of our favorite examples:
Maze SaaS logo
Siteline SaaS logo
Lithic SaaS logo
Bardeen SaaS logo
Podium SaaS logo
Marketo SaaS logo
Make SaaS logo
Neara SaaS logo
Descript SaaS logo
Pipedrive SaaS logo
Monzo SaaS logo
uMake SaaS logo
Doordash SaaS logo
Grammarly SaaS logo
Framer SaaS logo
AirBnB SaaS logo
Workato SaaS logo
Calendly SaaS logo SaaS logo
Grafana Labs SaaS logo
Gong SaaS logo
Yardi SaaS logo
Sisense SaaS logo
Segment SaaS logo

Wordmark SaaS Logo Examples

Wordmark logos ditch symbols and images, putting the spotlight on the company's name itself, styled in a unique font. This simplicity works wonders, especially for SaaS businesses looking to stand out. By playing around with fonts, wordmark logos bring out a brand's personality and vibe, making them great for communicating reliability and innovation.

They're like the signatures of big players like Google and Coca-Cola – easy to remember and trust. For SaaS ventures aiming to rock the online realm and connect with users, a wordmark logo could be the secret sauce for leaving an impression that sticks.

Check out these sweet examples:
Canva SaaS logo
Geckoboard SaaS logo
Dribbble SaaS logo
Wealthsimple SaaS logo
Toggl SaaS logo
Webflow SaaS logo
Gusto SaaS logo
Twitch SaaS logo
Stripe SaaS logo
Opendoor SaaS logo
Upwork SaaS logo
Miro SaaS logo
Yotpo SaaS logo
Pitch SaaS logo
Attentive SaaS logo
Checkr SaaS logo
Braze SaaS logo
Fiverr SaaS logo
Gumroad SaaS logo
Keap SaaS logo
Zoom SaaS logo

Multi-Color SaaS Logo Examples

SaaS logos that employ elementary colors are like a breath of fresh air in the world of design. By opting for simple and primary colors, these logos exude a sense of approachability and clarity that aligns perfectly with the tech-savvy, user-focused nature of SaaS businesses.

These colors evoke a sense of nostalgia and simplicity, reflecting the fundamental aspects of the services offered. The use of elementary colors in SaaS logos not only enhances brand recognition but also fosters a sense of trust and reliability, showing users that the brand values straightforward solutions and transparent communication.

Here's how it is done in a SaaS logo: SaaS logo
Airtable SaaS logo
Slack SaaS logo
Freshworks SaaS logo
Figma SaaS logo
Lattice SaaS logo
Elastic SaaS logo
Productboard SaaS logo
Polywork SaaS logo

Top 6 SaaS Logos

The moment you have been waiting for! Our list of the top 6 SaaS logos. Enjoy!
Outreach SaaS logo
Twilio SaaS logo
Notion SaaS logo
Toast SaaS logo
Hotjar SaaS logo
Butter SaaS logo

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This recognition highlights Mermex's commitment to delivering innovative and secure cloud storage solutions that empower businesses worldwide.
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This recognition highlights Mermex's commitment to delivering innovative and secure cloud storage solutions that empower businesses worldwide.