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January 3, 2024

9 Amazing SaaS
Websites You Can Copy

Building an effective SaaS website is a huge key to successfully selling your product to customers. Your website will make all the difference between an interested customer and someone that is ready to buy your product. The great news is that these websites do not have to be overly complicated.
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There are really only four things that you need to design the perfect SaaS website.

1. Animated Demos

The user needs to know exactly what your product does without putting too much thought into it.. The challenge is being able to show them what your product does quickly. You only have so much time that the user will be watching. These need to be explainer videos that put the product on display.

That is why animated demos are so important. They show the potential customer exactly what happens in the product and what it can do. The key here is keeping it as simple as possible to give an inside look. 

If you do not have these animated videos, that is ok starting out. You can still embed some sort of video demo giving the customer a walk through of the product.

2. Social Proof

The second thing that a great SaaS website has is social proof. Social proof is putting users who have had success and rated your product highly on display. 

This shows your potential customer that the product is working for other people and that it is money well spent. It builds trust. You can put people’s 5 star ratings in this section, as well as quotes from their experience. Another great option is highlighting companies that use the product as well. 

3. Clear, No Brainer Pricing

The pricing on the web page should be easy to find. Making it one of the pages in the header is a great option. Not only this, it should be completely clear once you click on the page. Potential customers should know exactly what they are getting at each pricing level. This should feel like they are getting a great deal. 

Customers should not feel like there are hidden costs and that the pricing is not up front and clear. This can drive potential customers away. 

4. Clear Call to Action

The call to action is an invitation for a potential customer to try the product. 

A great way to get people try the product out is to give a free trial. This has become an expectation in the SaaS world. When people go to check out a product, they want to be able to try it without being tied to an obligation. You can do this by offering a free trial, or even a no cost starter option.

These 9 websites are great examples of pages that put these four principles into action. Here are 9 SaaS websites that you should be getting ideas from.


Slack is the classic example of an effective SaaS website.
They have a great product that has set a standard for how SaaS companies should build their websites. 

They have animated demos that clearly show the product at work. They have made this super effective because they have created simple animations that show the most important features of the software. They are able to give you a clear picture of what their tool can do for you within seconds. 

They also have a very clear call to action. You can sign up by email. You can also sign up with a google login. This is a great feature because it removes time and barriers that people may have to sign up. It gets people using the product quickly. 

They keep following the same pattern as you keep scrolling down. They have an animation next to a header and description. Even if you are not reading each sentence, you are learning exactly what it does through the animations.


This is a website that I recently came across and I am a huge fan of their animation video at the top of the page. They have simplified what they tool does. There may not be a ton of movement within the animation, but they do a great job of showing us what the tool actually does. 

They have also added social proof right up at the top of the page under the call to action. They do not even have to go into huge detail. They use 5 stars to show what people think. Using recognizable symbols like stars or badges are a great way to connect with people right away. Customers make those quick associations. 

In the banner right below, they even say how many people are using it which adds even more credibility. 

At the bottom of the page, they have more badges, stars and logos. They do a great job of making you feel very comfortable with their product and build your confidence in them as a brand.


Typeform is a great example of a SaaS website. They use simplicity extremely well. I am a big fan of the approach with a white background and black text that is not overly distracting. They make it so that you can focus on the actual animation that shows you what the product is going to do for you.

They include social proof and animations as you keep scrolling. 

Each of the animations are showing more features of what Typeform can do for you. One of the most important things to do when you use multiple animations is to put the most important features towards the top of the page. You want to highlight what is going to be most useful to the customer. Then, people can keep scrolling and find out more if they want.


There are a lot of things that this website does that I like including the purple background and demos. 

The most important thing to highlight is their usage of social proof. 

First, they use all kinds of recognizable logos to show companies that use their product. Brands like Google, Netflix, Dropbox, and more. Those brands have already done hard work to earn trust. The fact that these big companies trust Kraftful helps build confidence. 

Next, they have images that look like awards. They are showing the value that other people have found in their SaaS product. They even have a gif that shows where the product has been seen.

They create a sense of excitement around their product and show you that people are talking about it.


Pitch just recently updated their website and I love what they do with their pages. Both the old and the new ones are great. 

They have great explainer videos that again, show you exactly what the tool does. This is a constant theme with effective SaaS sites.  

One of the really unique features that this website has is their call to action. They do not just have a simple button to click. They have an interactive box where you can put in what kind of a presentation you want help with, with AI. Once you put in what you want to see and click the button, they ask you to create a quick account and then they will show you the results.


All of these things that we have talked about are elements that I have added in and tested in my own SaaS product’s website. Semflow is my SEO tool built for Webflow. We started a few months ago and did not have any animations and we also did not have social proof because it was a newer tool without many users at the time. Then, I added the main demo video as well as more animated videos showing the different features. We started seeing our conversion rate triple. Before, we were getting 2-3 new users a day. Now, we are getting around 10 new users each day. 

There’s definitely more traffic going to the site so that definitely helps. But, a lot of that success is because the site gives a way better explanation of what the tool is actually going to do for customers and getting them to sign up for a free trial.


The feature that really stands out is the button that they have over their demo video. They have a demo video playing in the background that is already effective. 

They have a button that you can click on that invites you to take a 2 minute tour. This is extremely effective for a couple reasons. First, the button moves and follows your mouse. It seems simple, but it is an effective way to stand, seem different, and keep your attention. Next, they call you to take a 2 minute tour. That is a great call to action because everyone has 2 minutes.

The other thing that they do really well is condensing all that the tool does into three words: Plan, run, and smoothly. Each is color coded. When you hover over each of these, an animation occurs. They take it a step further by bringing you to a part of the page with the same color coded background for that feature. 

Making the site more engaging, easier to understand, and easier to navigate is going to help a lot with conversion rates.


The next example is Webflow. I am not just saying this because I am a huge fan of webflow and use the platform for web design. It is because I think they make the best animations for a SaaS product. 

The animations are all highly interactive. You can hover around and the animations follow your mouse. You can click on them and they are going to show you more about the product. They keep bringing up new animations to continually show you more features. 

It instantly hooks you and gets you to interact with it. All the while, you are learning more and more about the software. 

If you can create anything like this it is going to go a long way in helping people sign up. Especially, if you can offer a free starter version.

Create with Play

The reason I am sharing this example is because it is extremely simple and anyone with web design experience could develop it extremely quickly. The strength of it is that anyone looking at it can go and create something similar and get started right away while still having an effective landing page. 

It works because they have really great animations that show what the tool does. They also have social proof as you scroll down right away. This could be improved by either simplifying the testimonials or even highlighting the most important parts to stand out. But for the most part, this is what you need.

SaaS Websites You Can Copy

All of these sites are great examples of SaaS web pages that help you convert potential customers to paying users. The great part about all of these sites is that they are all replicable. Following these four principles will help your SaaS product stand out and using these websites as examples will help your SaaS product go farther.

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This recognition highlights Mermex's commitment to delivering innovative and secure cloud storage solutions that empower businesses worldwide.