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August 8, 2023

9 Profitable No-Code SaaS Ideas That Anyone Can Start

Creating high-value software products is EASY with no-code tools. These 9 ideas will help you pick a winning idea.
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What is No-Code SaaS?

SaaS stands for "software as a service". These are software products offered as a service (typically on a monthly basis.)

Until recently, it took funding, a skilled dev team and months of hard work to build a useful software product. But the recent rise of no-code tools has opened up massive opportunities for small creators to build complex software in a fraction of the time.

No-code tools like Bubble, Webflow, Softr and Airtable make it possible to build complex software solutions without the need to develop from scratch. Bubble has even created a list of how to build no-code SaaS ideas that you can create with their software.

In this article, we are sharing 9 profitable no-code SaaS ideas that can be built with minimal experience. Plus, we will share what no-code tools you need to make your software startup come to life.

Niche Marketplaces

Marketplaces are one of the easiest and most common no-code SaaS businesses to start.

A marketplace is a type of eCommerce site that connects buyers with sellers. In most cases, this means individual sellers can list their products or services and buyers can purchase them all inside the marketplace.

Tools like have made it incredibly easy to build custom marketplaces with no-code knowledge at all!

Now, because you are not likely to be able to compete with large-scale marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, you would be wise to create a niche marketplace that has little to no competition.

Choose a specific niche like focusing on a local area or a specific item or service. This will make it easier for this no-code SaaS idea to gain traction.

No-Code SaaS Idea #1

Try a local marketplace that buys and sells used items like couches, bikes or appliances. Or you could think big like Tractor House who created a marketplace exclusively for tractors and other farm equipment that now generates tens of millions of dollars per year.

The cool thing about creating a no-code marketplace is that there is a wide variety of ways to monetize it. You can:
  • Charge per product like a regular eCommerce site
  • Take a cut of each transaction done on your site

  • Charge a monthly fee for users to access your marketplace (like Flippa)

  • Charge a fee for users to list their products on your marketplace

No-Code Directories

Creating directories is another great no-code SaaS idea that has endless potential. Directories are similar to marketplaces in that they provide a place to connect buyers and sellers. The only difference is a directory connects you with the company or service, instead of a physical product.

These directories typically come in the form of databases of individuals or companies that are available for hire.

One of the most successful No-Code SaaS companies of all time is Comet. This is a marketplace for freelancers to find work. Another inspiring service-based directory is The Unicorn Factory (shown below) which focuses on freelancers for hire in a specific location only. (Now that's a great niche!)
An example of a No-Code directory
There are plenty of ways you can monetize a directory:
  • A subscription model where people have to pay monthly/yearly to get access to view the directory
  • A subscription model for businesses or individuals to get listed in the directory or to get more visibility in the directory ( 

  • Charging for ads to be displayed on the directory 

  • Charging a transaction fee when a transaction takes place (see Fiverr). 

One of the best integrations for a directory is reviews. Reviews for a business add a ton of credibility when someone finds a new product or business through the directory. Everyone wants to go to the 5 star rated restaurants. It is a huge plus If you can integrate google reviews, or create a system within the software, where people can leave ratings. 

No-Code SaaS Idea #2

Create a directory of trusted babysitters. This directory could provide a place to search babysitters by location, rating, availability, rate, etc. This could also be a directory of certified dog walkers, fly fishing instructors or even local handymen.

Rental Apps

Huge brands like AirBnB and Turo have shown us how successful rental apps can be. The crazy thing is, these big brands are only scratching the surface of what is possible with rental apps. 

We typically think of rental apps for big items like a home to stay in or a car to use on vacation. But there are also tons of other opportunities with niche items that people already rent or borrow. All they need is a platform to simplify the experience.

Rent My Equipment is a perfect example of this. They market to people who need tools for short term projects. Most people can go out and get a hammer pretty easily, but it is a lot harder to go find a mini excavator or pressure washer that you need for a one-off project. 
An example of a rental app website
There is even a company that lets people couch surf like they would an AirBnB.
Your idea doesn't have to be revolutionary and it certainly doesn't need to be in an untapped niche. Sometimes all you need is a new take on something that has already been done.
One of the huge benefits of developing a no-code SaaS product in the rental industry is that it's a familiar process for everyone. This means you don't have to teach your users something new that they might not accept or understand.

In other words, you aren't reinventing the wheel. You're taking the timeless rental model and applying it to a new niche that has little competition.

All you need to decide is what industry and location you want to focus on. Then, the actual creation of the rental software should be fairly easy.

No-Code SaaS Idea #3

Build a rental app for pools, beach equipment or camping gear. The best rental industries target products that don't get used every day and/or are difficult to store. If you can, find items that are used only on occasion or seasonally as these are the things that get rented.

Ex. No one wants to buy $3,000 worth of camping gear to go camping for one weekend. It makes way more sense to rent it for a few hundred dollars.

Dashboards and Portals

Dashboards and Portals are another great no-code SaaS idea that have a large demand. Businesses will always need a place where employees and clients can go to access important assets, information and data.

To create custom portals you can use no-code tools like Memberstack, which integrates right into your favorite no-code website builders like Webflow. If you need something more complex that pulls in data from different sources, you can use tools like Agency Analytics and Retool. These tools give you a full suite of API integrations to pull data from almost any source.

This allows you to customize dashboards to fit the needs of most businesses. 

Your opportunity will be in creating a software that makes data portals customized and accessible.

People don’t want more data, they want less. They want only the data that is absolutely necessary. So if you are building a no-code SaaS dashboard or portal, your goal is to simplify the data and make it customized to the exact needs of the businesses you hope to sell to. 

In other words, you are stripping down the complexities of dashboards and portals and simplifying them to make them fit perfectly to the users needs.

Glide is a no-code app builder that has an awesome gallery with all kinds of templates to make this easy. Starting with a template will expedite the process of creating the perfectly customized dashboard.

Pipeline Solutions is a great example of niching down to create a no-code SaaS dashboard business. They are 100% focused on fitness studios and they make running this type of business extremely simple by putting all of the data they need to see all in one place.

As you can tell from the screenshot below, your dashboards don't need to be anything special, they just have to have the right data.
An example of a simple dashboard

No-Code SaaS Idea #4

A chiropractor would want to know specific data sets like:
  • Monthly number of patients 
  • Where the patients heard about them

  • Most common injuries

  • Returning clients vs one time clients

  • Income per patient

  • Most popular upsell products

  • Busiest day and time of week

Create a dashboard that displays all of this data and auto updates. This can help guide important decisions like where to spend marketing dollars, where to advertise for new patients, what to offer as an upsell service, when to raise and lower prices.

Then you can sell this customized dashboard and data strategy to chiropractors all around the country.

No-Code Management Tools

Every business has a unique system and process by which they operate.

There are endless management tools available to help businesses run smoothly, but sometimes a do-it-all solution ends up being just too confusing or too generalized.

For this reason, many companies invest huge sums of money just to build their own internal management software. If you can identify these companies or niches, you can build a plug and play management software that perfectly solves their problem.

No-Code SaaS Idea #5

Web design and development is an arduous process with multiple steps. Even those using project management tools end up passing assets and communicating via email.

This could all be improved by creating a software that:
  • Tracks progress
  • Sends updates and reminders

  • Collects and organizes content and assets

  • Manages clients requests

Even though all these tasks could easily be accomplished by other tools, having them all in one succinct platform could be an extremely profitable solution.

No-Code SaaS Idea #6

Business and life coaching is a massive industry. In fact, I pay $10,000/year for a business coach.

This coach has 100+ clients and yet he does everything manually. You could easily create a management platform for these types of coaches that manages:
  • Scheduling
  • Notes (could use AI to generate notes from Zoom calls)

  • Follow-up

  • Goal and performance tracking

  • Messaging

This type of management could save time as well as increase the overall experience of working with the coaches.

AI No-Code SaaS

AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney have opened up endless potential for software builders. If you are looking for a futuristic and trendy no-code SaaS idea, AI is the best place to start.

While the technology of these AI tools may seem complex, repurposing them into a SaaS product is actually pretty easy.

In fact, many no-code tools like Bubble have prebuilt AI SaaS templates that can give you a great start!

The way AI SaaS products work is you are simple taking the capabilities of AI and packaging it up in a unique and customized way.

Here are a few ideas you can steal:

No-Code SaaS Idea #7

Build a content repurposing app for content creators. Create a simple interface with where the user can paste in the link to their content.

Once submitted, ChatGPT will take the content of that link and repurpose it for another platform.

Ex. User can paste in the link to a viral Youtube video and it will create a viral tweet based on the content found in the video.

Ex. User can paste in a link to a viral LinkedIn post and it will create a complete script for a Youtube video.

No-Code SaaS Idea #8

Build a no-code chatbot SaaS!

Chatbots are one of the most useful plugins to integrate on a website and when paired with AI, these chatbots act more like actual humans than basic response bots.

With no-code chatbot tools like Landbot and Tidio, you can create custom chatbots that are trained to meet the needs of your users.

Choose a complex niche (specialty equipment or services) and create a chatbot that can answer product questions, provide recommendations and generate leads.

No-Code SaaS Idea #9

Talk with your future self or partner.

Create an AI platform that collects information from the user and then sends them frequent messages from their future self.

This could be a unique no-code SaaS idea for motivational and business coaches, or for relationship coaches and therapists.

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